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Our warranty

From the first day we have fought for all our products to protect our athletes to the maximum. The mouth guards of Protege tus piños are specially tested by the most demanding athletes. Those who leave the skin every day in training to go a long way.

About us?

Protege tus piños has extensive experience, in 2010 Dr. Larissa Corniel Morel and dental technician Francisco Javier González Pariente joined their knowledge to found the Torre Romeu dental clinic. It was then that the union between dentistry and contact sports emerged. Since then we have been developing and innovating in our products, maintaining a balance between total protection and customization.

Where we are?

We are located in the city of Terrassa, near the center, 30 km from the city of Barcelona. If you come by car you have access from both the C-58 and the C-16.

Who supports us 

This is a small selection of athletes who regularly wear our mouth protectors.

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